Sun Day on Saturday – a Free Solar Celebration

holding the sun

Warm, abundant sunshine – it’s one of the best things about summer!   Bring your kids to the Casper Planetarium on Saturday, June 2, from 2 to 4 pm for a free solar celebration.   Outside on the lawn we’ll have a solar telescope, a sunspotter, and solar eclipse glasses for safely observing the sun. There’ll be hands-on demos of solar-powered science toys from sundials and color-changing solar putty to robots and radiometers, craft activities like solar print-making, and treats made with solar power. We’ll use the sun’s energy to fly a giant solar bag. And inside the dome, we’ll show “Solar Quest,” a 12-minute full-dome program about the sun’s effect on space weather and how the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field protect us. Showings will start every 15 minutes and are also free.

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