Moon Questions and Answers

How far away is the Moon?

The Moon is 384,400 (three hundred eighty forty thousand, four hundred) kilometers away from Earth.

moon distance from earthIf you want it in miles, it is about 238,000 miles. If you were to start on the earth and draw a line moving at one mile per hour to the moon, it would take you 238,000 hours, 9916.67 days, or 27.24 years to get there.

Another measurement astronomers use to measure distances is light years. The moon is 1.3 light seconds away. That means it takes the light from the moon 1.3 seconds to reach us.

The moon is also 30 Earth diameters away from the earth.


Is the Moon bigger than the Sun?

Sun moon relative sizeThe Moon is not bigger than the Sun.

The Sun is 865,000 miles in diameter.   The Moon is 6,790 miles in diameter. For an easy comparison draw a circle on a paper about eight inches in diameter; that will be the Sun.  Now place a small dot on it; that will represent the Moon.




How big is the Moon?

Moon diameter Earth diameterIt takes four Moons to equal the diameter of the Earth.

The moon is 6,790 (six thousand seven hundred ninety) miles around at its middle.

If you could drive a car around the moon at 75 miles per hour, it would take you about three and a half days to make the trip.



Why can a person jump higher on the Moon?

Man on the Moon

You can jump higher on the Moon because it has less gravity than the Earth.

This means that you will weigh less on the Moon. If you weigh 80 pounds here on Earth, you would only weigh about 13 pounds on the Moon.




How many people have walked on the Moon?

Twelve men walked on the Moon from 1969 to 1972.

moon footprintApollo 11: Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong  (July 1969)

Apollo 12: Alan Bean and Charles Conrad   (November 1969)

Apollo 14: Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard   (January 1971)

Apollo 15: James Irwin and David Scott   (July 1971)

Apollo 16: Charles Duke and John Young   (April 1972)

Apollo 17: Harrison Schmitt and Eugene Cernan   (December 1972)


How was the Moon made?

Scientists think that three or four billion years ago, an object about the size of Mars crashed into the Earth. The impact broke off what is now the moon.

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